My Parties

I LOVE throwing parties!  Actually, I take that back.  I love PLANNING parties and coming up with unique and fun ideas; it's the implementation that stresses me out.

Here are some of my past parties.  Hopefully, you can get some ideas and inspirations from some of them.

1st Birthday:  Barnyard Animals
The Big 1!  (Part One)
The Big 1 (Part Two)

2nd Birthday:  Finding Nemo
Sneak Peak: Taylor's turning 2
Taylor's 2nd Birthday - Part 1:  Finding Nemo
Taylor's 2nd Birthday - Part 2:  Friends & Family
Taylor's 2nd Birthday - Part 3:  Dipped Oreo Suckers
Taylor's 2nd Birthday - Part 4:  Thank You Cards

Bridal Shower:  Green & Blue Beachy Dessert Table
Surprise Bridal Shower - Part 1:  The Dessert Table
Surprise Bridal Shower - Part 2:  The Food Table
Surprise Bridal Shower - Part 3:  The Panty Poem

Baby Shower:  Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Surprise Baby Shower: Alice in Wonderland

Baby Shower:  Owls
Owl Baby Shower
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