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Inspiration Board - Art Birthday Party for Gabby

Hello Friends!

Sorry I've been missing in action lately.  I've practically abandoned the blog, but not because I wanted to.  Life happens and two kids later, next thing you know, your blog has been neglected!

Anyway, I'm back for a brief visit.  I'm hoping that 2014 will allow me to spend a little more time blogging.

This is actually dedicated to a close friend, Clari and her daughter, Gabby.

Gabby is having a birthday in January and Clari asked me to help her organize an Art Birthday Party to celebrate!  January is a hard time to host birthdays, especially since you do not have the convenience of having an outdoor party.  So you are limited to an indoor party.  The secret to having an indoor party is to make sure you have enough activities to keep the kids busy.  I think an Art Party does the job well!

So Clari, here's what I came up for our birthday girl!  I hope you like it!

Theme:  Arts & Crafts Birthday Party
Colors:  Rainbow colors!
Attendance:  Children 6 years & under and their parents

#5 - Guests will be greeted at the front door with this fabulous DIY crayon wreath.  The chalkboard in the middle will have "Happy Birthday Gabby!" or "Welcome to Gabby's Art Birthday Party"!

#7 - A big canvas will be used as the Guest Book.  Guests will "sign" the guest book with a painted hand print!  Afterwards, the birthday girl can hang this up in her room and remember the fun she had with her friends!

#12 - Paint samples from Home Depot or Lowes will be used to create colorful buntings.  We can stencil letters or use cutouts to spell out "Happy Birthday".

#4 - I love the idea of decorating with paint cans.  Plastic table cloths can be used to look like paint pouring out of the cans.  We'll hang these at each of the "art stations" or they can be used in the entrance of the house to create a "grand entrance".

#13 - The colorful chain links can be used as the backdrop to our artistic dessert/goodie bag table.

#10 - Sew paint samples together to create a utensil holder.  These are perfect for ease of moving thru the food line.

There will be 3 art stations.  Since there will be a range of ages, I wanted to make sure that we had options for both the younger kids (age 1-4) and the older ones (5 and over).

#1 - Bead making station.  The younger kids will make necklaces or bracelets out of Fruit Loops.  They're still developing their fine motor skills and this activity is safe for their little fingers.  Plus, they can snack as they craft on the yummy colorful cereal.

#11 - The older kids will make necklaces or bracelets using plastic beads.  You can even buy ones with letters so the kids can personalize with their names.

#3 - Initial Canvas Art - You can buy 8x10 canvas in bulk at the craft store.  We'll use painter's tape to create the initial of the child's first name.  The kids can paint over the tape on the canvas to create their masterpiece.  When it dries, peel of the tape and they have a personalized piece of art.  This is an easy activity for all age groups.

*Not picture - The last station will be a cupcake decorating.  We'll use these plastic art palettes to hold the sprinkles and other candy options to decorate the cupcakes with!

It wouldn't be a party without a dessert table!  The focus here will be color, color, color!

#8 - We'll use these clear plastic containers (that look like paint buckets) and fill them with different color goodies and candy.

#6 - There are so many great goodies in this picture.  Rice Krispy treats dipped in colored chocolate to look like paint brushes.  Cookies that look like art palettes, push pops filled with cake and frosting (or different colored M&Ms).

#2 - The birthday cake will be layered with all the colors of the rainbow!

There is so many more food ideas, I might have to create a separate board just for the food!

Goodie Bags
The dessert table will have candy bags to be stuffed and taken home with all the sugary goodness!

#9 - Canvas Aprons - Canvas Aprons to be used at each station and can be taken home as favor.  They can be personalized with the child's name or initial (if you don't have enough to do)!

Cupcakes can be taken home as a favor in these adorable DIY cupcake boxes!  If you're not up to making your own, you can buy the plastic option!

The links to the items on the inspiration board can be found on my Pinterest Board here.

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