Monday, March 5, 2012

Organizing Ideas: Scarves

I love a good organizing challenge, so when my friend, Mel, sent me this email today, I was pumped!

Hey chick!!
I need some of your awesome advice!  I have a TON of scarves and I don't know how to organize or store them in our apartment.  Any ideas??

Here are a few options I found for her:

I actually use a hanging tie rack to hang my scarves.  My husband had room on his tie rack, so I claimed a few slots.  Here's an exmaple of a hanging tie rack.

Ikea has a simlar product:

But if I had enough walll space, I'd go for a wall of scarves!  This one utilizes tension rods.  The best part?  Everything is hidden behind the door if you want to hide it.  If not, it still makes for a colorful looking wall!

Towel rods and toilet paper rods would also be a great solution. 

The top one looks like it's a toilet paper rod like this:

You could also do a towel ring like this:

Mel and I both liked the tension rod idea because it's so PRETTY!  And you know how much I like pretty!  So, how do you organize your scarves?  Got an organizing challenge for me?  Send it my way and I'll come up with ideas for you too!


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