Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dirty Little Secret....

I've been on a mission... to clean out the clutter.  That's my New Year's resolution for 2012 and I've been hard at work.  So far, I've made two big trips to Goodwill and even had a donation truck come pick up at the house!  I'm slowly making the rounds, room by room.

We have a dirty little secret at my house... my husband is a borderline hoarder!  Lucky for him, I'm a little OCD and NEED to organize.  Otherwise, I think our house would be filled to the brim with STUFF!

My husband likes to collect:  computer parts, comic books, action hero toys, DVD movies, even 7-11 Slurpie cups!  See the problem?  See why I call it "our dirty little secret"?  Luckily, he is okay with the guidelines that I've set around said "collectibles" (for the most part anyway).  For example, his DVD collection is limited to ONE bookshelf in the basement.

The kid's category of our movie collection has grown since Little Muon was born.  And I found that her movies were slowly creeping out of the bookshelf and into my family room upstairs.  Soon enough, I had a basket filled with kids movies!

The basket was fine, but it was running out of space.  Plus, I knew I could do better; something that could hold MORE movies, but in a smaller container.  More storage in half the space?  Impossible you say?  Well, I thought the same until I found these.  Yup, movie sleeves!

36 sleeves holding 72 DVDS in a tiny little bin!  I was sold!

Each insert holds 2 DVDs and slides easily into a sleeve.  You can also slide the DVD cover art into the sleeve as well.  I couldn't wait to get started!

Here's the side by side comparison:

Wow!  That's more then half the space!  By the time I was done, I had several sleeves left, so we have room to grow!  The best part?  The new movie bin takes up A-LOT less space then the basket.

I wanted MORE storage for HALF the space and I think I got it!  So what dirty little hoarding secret do you have?


pezgirl said...

great idea! now come over and clean up my bookshelves... :D

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