Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Lost Art of Thank You Cards

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year!  The holiday hub-bub is finally over and things are getting back to a semi-normal state around here!

My sister and I were talking the other day about the lost art of thank yous.  Acknowledging a kind act, a gift, or whatever, saying thank you has become a lost art; especially thank you cards/letters.  Growing up, my mother expected that we write a thank you letter for any gift we received.  This lesson has stuck with me to this day.  Now I know a few people who say, "they don't do thank you cards".  To me, it comes down to good manners.  In today's technology world, thank yous can be in the form of emails, e-card, Facebook status or comments or even a tweet.  So there are no excuses for not thanking someone.

I digress (sorry for the rant).  Anyway, back to the point of my posts.  Call me old fashion, but I still like to WRITE thank you cards.  With the holidays being over, writing thank you cards to all my wonderful family and friends has been hanging over my head.  Little Muon and Little Man were totally spoiled this year and received a TON of gifts.  Meaning, mommy needs to write a alotof thank you cards.

I thought about ordering thank you cards via Shutterfly, but after all the holiday shopping, I really needed to watch the dollars.  So during a shopping trip at Michaels, the dollar bin solved all my thank you card dilemma.

All of this was a dollar each:
"Thanks." stamp = $1.
Stamp pads = $1 each.
1 pack of 8 cards with envelopes = $1.  I bought 3 pack of cards.
Grand total of $6!  That's 25 cents for each card!  Score!

The card had a little window, perfect for the stamp to go.  I changed it up a bit and made the "t" in a different color.  So cute!  Here are more images for your viewing pleasure.

I'm going to include a picture of the kids (with their perspective gift) with each of the cards.  My family and friends were kind enough to think of my kids over the holiday, so spending 5 minutes to write and say thank you is the least I can do.

Oh and thank YOU for reading this blog!


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