Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Muon's Memory Box

If you know me, you'd know that I'm a sentimental person and love holding on to items that can trigger a memory or emotion.  When I was a teenager, I created a memory box using a plastic tote box to store things like my diaries, old letters from friends, pictures, drawings, etc...  When I got older, I went thru the box and cleaned out a-lot of things that I felt didn't mean as much anymore.  For example, the New Kids on the Block pin I kept didn't quite mean as much as it did 20 some years ago.  Wow!  I'm aging myself here!  I haven't upgraded my plastic tote, but it works for me and I still add to the box whenever I want to hold onto something special.

When Little Muon came along, I also created a memory box for her as well.  Actually, my intention is to buy a sort of "Hope chest" to store these items in.  Traditionally, a hope chest is a chest used to collect items of clothing or household linen, by unmarried young women in anticipation of married life.  Now, I'm not THAT old fashion, but I still like the thought of passing on a sentimental piece that contains special moments and memories of Little Muon's life.  I haven't found the perfect wooden chest that fits my style or is within a reasonable price range, so in the meantime, I use a pretty box that I found at Michaels as her Memory Box.

The lid flips opens and stores items that I think would be special to her when she is older.

I'd like her to know about historical moments that occurred in her lifetime.  For example, when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, the hubby bought a newspaper and an issue of People specifically for her Memory Box.  My only regret was that I didn't a newspaper for the day she was born.  Guess I had other things on my mind that day!

I also have a small photo album in the box to store special photos.  I have pictures of her grandparents when they were young, pictures of my hubby as a child, etc...  On the cover is her hospital picture.  I also kept some special baby clothes, like the onesie that she wore in her hospital picture.

I also kept all the cards that have been given to her from her baby shower to her birthdays.  I used scrapbook paper, a circle cutter, ribbons and stickers to keep them labeled and bounded together.

Using a smaller box that I covered using scrapbook paper, I keep loose items like a newborn diaper to remember how small she was, hair from her first haircut, my pregnancy test, her hospital bracelet and my mother in-law's obituary (to name a few).

I also have her birth announcement, 1st and 2nd birthday invitations, and our family Christmas cards in the box.  I'm planning on putting them in small 8x8 scrapbook so that they are all in one place.  I also have her sonogram pictures in her memory box as well.

I'm aware as time passes, this particular box is not going to be able to house all the items that I add to it.  But hopefully, I'll be able to find the perfect Hope chest one day.  For the moment, this works for us. 

I hope that when Little Muon gets older, her dad and I can sit down together with her go thru all the special items in her Memory Box, telling her about their significance and stories behind each of them.

What about you?  Do you keep a sort of "memory box" for your kids?  What items are in there now?  And if you don't have one now, I hope this posts inspires you to start one for your kids today!


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