Thursday, April 7, 2011

Household Binder: My Divider Misadventures

Remember my Household Binder Challenge that I was following along with at IHeartOrganizing?  If not, you can see the post here.

Well, I'm putting the finishing touches on it, but it's pretty much done!  I'm planning a separate post featuring the finished product, but wanted to tell you about my misadventures with the binder's dividers!

Remember when I said that I wanted my binder to be "pretty"?  Well, that also included the dividers for the binder.  Sure, I could have taken the easy route and purchased dividers that would have worked, but NOT meeee!  In my defense, I thought I was saving money by using what I already had on hand.

I already had some cheapo dividers in my office.  But they were flimsy and NOT "pretty".  So I had the brilliant idea of taking some scrapbook paper and cutting them to size with the dividers.  I would make them sturdier by laminating the divider and the scrapbook paper together.  Awesome idea right?

Pretty too!

Well, here's the problem.  When I started inserting my documents into the page protectors, the dividers weren't wide enough!  And now you couldn't see the dividers at all!

Now I was MAD!  Because I liked my pretty dividers and I spent alot of time cutting and laminating them!  I didn't want to give up.  I WASN'T going to give up!

Then I thought, "hey, could I fit the divider INSIDE the page protector?"  I could, except for the tab!

I was determined now!  I would make this work!

So I lined up my page protector and my divider to figure out where the tab would be located.

I cut a slit the width of the divider tab.  Then I cut along the edge of page protector to create a space for the tab.  Hopefully, you can see the page protector in this picture.

Then I gently slid the divider in the page protector.

And the tab popped right into the space I had cut for it!

Now you can see my dividers and the page protectors weren't covering them up!

And I have pretty dividers!  Okay, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if you really needed a tutorial on "Creating Dividers the Hard Way".  But I'm really proud of my dividers and their "prettiness"!  Thanks for looking and indulging me!


JPJ said...
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iheartorganizing said...

Ooh wow! This is a great post and those tabs turned out so adorable! Much cuter than most you could buy in the store! Job well done! So glad you shared!


Renee said...

Very cute! Cutting the slit was pretty genius! As I was reading along, I was thinking you were going to remove the tab and attach it to the plastic sheet! Your way looks much easier! :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What an awesome book I think everyone needs in their busy life. I know I sure could use one :)

Farrah Massey said...

I was having this EXACT problem tonight and googled it. God bless the internet it brought me to this page. Thanks for taking the time to post the tutorial. Don't assume that people don't need a tutorial. I'm not a scrapbooker and I have NO, ZERO, ZIP creativity; but I DO have a work project and you saved me $$ and time.

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