Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treats? Halloween TREATS!

Sorry for the M.I.A.  I've been swamped at work and have such little time to dedicate to posting.

But I had to dedicate a post to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!  At work last week, we had a Fall Celebration.  Members on our team signed up to bring in a snack or other goodies to share with the others.  It was 5 full days of heavenly good food and tons of carbs!  I'll have to work extra hard at my New Year's Resolution of losing weight... again!

Anyway, here are my "Fall Celebration Cupcakes".  I didn't have time to make anything fancy, so I used cake mix from a box.  Bought some candy corn pumpkins (really just pure sugar shaped as pumpkins), but they added that special pizazze that I was looking for!  Oh, and the frosting was also store bought.  I "Martha Stewart" it up a bit by putting the frosting in a plastic bag, cutting a hole in the corner and piping out the frosting in a beautiful little mound of delicious chocolate.  Start from the outside and rotate your wrist in towards the center.  So easy and pretty!

Have a Happy Halloween!

I ran out of frosting towards the end and had to scrape the bag for left overs, hence the sad looking cupcake on the bottom right hand side.  Don't mind him!

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