Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MawMaw's Recipe Corner: Coconut Dream Pie

When I first met my husband, he would always rave about his "MawMaw's" cooking.  My husband's family come from West Virginia and MawMaw was known for her good ole' Southern cooking, especially her desserts!  The hubby would rave on and on about his grandmother's Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.  Homemade this and that.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

By the time I met MawMaw, she was well into her late 80s and had stopped baking and cooking.  But my husband's aunts continued to make some of MawMaw's favorite dishes.

On my first visit to meet the family, my hubby's aunt had made MawMaw's Coconut Dream Pie.  When I opened the fridge and saw a big mound of yumminess topped with coconut, I was in heaven!  And when I took my first bite, I fell over.  DELICIOUS!  After I picked myself up from the floor, I made the hubby ask MawMaw for the recipe. 

When my husband was growing up and MawMaw used to make this pie for him, he thought it was MawMaw's very own special recipe!  When he asked MawMaw for the recipe that day, she said, "Look on the back of a Dream Whip box!"  We later learned that many of MawMaw's "special recipes" came from the paper or magazines or even pudding boxes!  Regardless, before we left that day, we had a small collection of MawMaw's recipes. 

I've only made a few of MawMaw's recipes, but I'd like to be able to start trying out the rest of the collection (which is sitting in a folder waiting to be organized).  So I thought I'd get the project started by featuring a few of MawMaw's recipes here on my blog.  My first "MawMaw's Recipe Corner" post will naturally be of MawMaw's famous Coconut Dream Pie.  When hubby and I make one of MawMaw's dishes, it always brings some very special memories back for him.  I guess that's why he loved eating her food so much.  In the end, we realized that MawMaw did add her very own secret ingredient in all her dishes... love.

So here it is, MawMaw's Coconut Dream Pie:
(wish I had a better picture of this, but trust me, it's YUMMO! )


2 env. Dream Whip whipped topping mix
2 3/4 c. cold milk
1 tsp. vanilla
2 (4 oz.) pkgs. instant pudding mix, vanilla
1 baked 9" pie shell, cooled or 1 graham cracker or chocolate crust
1 small tub of Cool Whip
2 cups shredded coconut

1) Beat Dream Whip mix with 1 cup of milk and vanilla in large bowl with mixer on high for about 6 minutes until thick and forms peaks.
Warning:  Don't overbeat.  It will change the consistency of the mixture.

2)  Add remaining milk and the pudding mix; blend on low. Beat on high for 2 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally.

3)  Spoon into pie shell

4)  Top Cool Whip over pudding mixture.  Sprinkle with coconut.

5)  Chill at least 4 hours.


Prairie Story said...

I LOVE coconut. It is my weakness. I also like how high your pie is! Thank you for sharing!

Concetta said...

I loved your story and I love MawMaw's recipe - thank you so much for sharing - I can't wait to try this coconut dream!

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