Monday, May 10, 2010

Shadowing: Baby E's Photo Session

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I've always been interested in photography.  My father LOVED to take photos of us growing up.  My mother kept every single photo and neatly organized them.  I would spend hours going thru photo albums, smiling, laughing and remembering all those wonderful moments that Dad captured.  But, I never took photography on as a serious hobby until Taylor came along.  I wanted to give her the same gift my parents gave to me; capturing her life thru the lens.  And hopefully, one day, when she is older, she too gets the same warm feeling I get whenever I open a photo album. 

My sister, Trang has been teaching me about photography; taking pictures on manual vs. auto, lighting, composition, texture, etc...  It's a lot harder then it looks.  I've had the privilege of "shadowing" her on a few photo sessions.  This allows me to practice my photography skills as the second shooter.  This past weekend, I was able to shadow at Baby E's 1 year old photo session.  What a doll!

Some of Trang's images below.  See her blog about E's session here.

Here are some of my shots.  Mom and Baby E are so photogenic!

Mom has an affinity for feet.  I thought it was a strange request at first, but I'm actually digging this shot.

And nothing like matching pink shoes!  Happy Birthday Baby E! 


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