Monday, May 24, 2010

Look Back Saturday: Blossoming

My second "Look Back Saturday" posts and I'm already a few days behind.  Better late then never I guess.  So let's pretend I posted this on Saturday May 22, 2010.

Here's #2 in the series:  May 22, 2009

This picture was taken at my mother's house on a beautiful spring evening, right before the sun was about to set.  My mother LOVES gardening and during this particular year, her peonies had blossomed so beautifully.  When I look at this picture I think of my parents and how much they too have blossomed and changed since Little Muon was born. 

When I was pregnant, I promised myself that Taylor would have a relationship with her grandparents since I either never met or did not have a close relationship with my own.  I make an effort to have Taylor visit with my parents at least once a week.  It's been amazing watching them interact with her.  Growing up, my parents were not the affectionate type.  The first kiss I remember my father ever giving me was on my wedding day after he walked me down the aisle.  And the kiss was under the instruction of the preacher!  Even to this day, it sometimes feels a little awkward to hug my parents. 

I guess as they've gotten older and are no longer raising a family, the daily stresses of life has changed alot for them.  It's amazing to watch them shower Taylor with kisses and hugs when my sister and I really never had that kind of relationship with them.  Like the flowers, my parents have blossomed into wonderfully, loving grandparents.  Upon reflection, I realize that the day our Little Muon was born, we all were thrown into a new role in life and have blossomed into a mother, a father, a grandmother, a grandfather, an aunt or an uncle.  How amazing that one tiny human being can bring upon so many wonderful new changes and adventures to an entire family!


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