Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Girl and her Closet!

Ask anyone close to me for one word that would best describe me, it would probably be "anal", I mean, "organized".  So when I was busy planning and decorating Taylor's room, the closet was also included in the plans.  I wanted a closet that could easily be changed and modified as she got older, plus had extra storage space since she was limited to one dresser with not so very deep drawers. 

I did my research and found an easy closet organizer unit at Home Depot. 

The middle shelving piece was perfect for baskets to store little things like socks, bedding, onesies, etc...  The baskets were purchased at Babies 'R Us.  I also liked the fact that I had a double bar on one side for hanging clothes and the other side would be able to hold longer items like dresses for when she got older.  Definitely a unit that could grow with her.

I felt like I still needed a shelf at the top for extra storage up high. The unit did not come with this, so I had the hubby purchase the wire shelves.  Inexpensive and a quick installation, the wire shelves gave us usage of our closet space up high. 

The baskets were labeled using my P-Touch label maker.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes we got from our baby shower and needed to find a way to sort thru them.  I found foam door hangers at Micheals and used them to separate the clothes by size.

And voila, in one afternoon, the closet was transformed!  Here's another last look.

After seeing the pictures, a co-worker half jokingly commented that I wouldn't be able to keep the closet this organized once the baby arrived.  I'm proud to say that the closet is probably more organized then before.  Every 2 months, I go in and purge clothing that is either too small, too stained, or never worn and pack them away.  I also reorganize and move things around to follow suit with what ever seems to be a trend.  For example, when Taylor started wearing jeans, they didn't fit well in the baskets.  I reorganized and moved her jeans into the dresser instead.  You just have to remember to utilize your space efficiently and in a manner that works best for you. 


pezgirl said...

Awww- loving this blog! You should post pics from Taylor's rock'n 1st Bday party too!

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