Saturday, June 20, 2009

The BIG 1 (Part 2)

As promised in my last post, here are more pictures from Taylor's 1st birthday.  I love photos and documenting life thru the lens of a camera.  The moment Taylor was born, there was a camera in her face either from hubby and I or her wonderful Aunt T.  Hubby had to buy a 1 terabyte external hard-drive after year one to store all our photos, which were well over 2000+ images.  To share some of the images captured in her first year, we had a table displaying the photos at the party.  Aunt T found a frame intended for school pictures for Senior Graduation with 12 slots at Michaels; perfect to display photos from the past 12 months.

Since the theme of the party were "Barn Animals", I hired a petting zoo for the kids.  What a hit!  Owner Jennifer and her staff at Pony to Go were so friendly and knowledgable about the animals.

 We had a donkey!


A goat!

Chickens and bunnies!

We even had a miniture horse.

One thing to keep in mind about parties for such young children is that it can become very overwhelming if there are a lot of people.  Our guest list was a lot bigger then I had originally planned, I quite literally had to force myself to cut a lot of people off the list before it got out of hand.  I wanted to make sure that even though it was Taylor's party, the focus wasn't on her.  Plenty of activities that kept both adults and kids occupied.  Guests tend to shower the birthday girl or boy with lots of hugs and kisses and she/he ends up getting passed around alot.  I knew this and wanted to avoid it as best as possible.  One way to give kids some "breathing" room is to literally take the child into a cool and quiet area where they can relax.  Mid-way thru the party, I took Taylor up to her room, stripped her down to her diaper and let her enjoy some quiet time and refreshed her spirits when she rejoined the party.  Not a great picture, but here's the birthday girl having some quiet time with mommy.

Here are some shots of our wonderful friends and family who came out to celebrate such a fun milestone!

Tayls w/Grandpa.

Tayls and some friends.

Happy Birthday my Little Muon.  What a magical first year it has been!  Love Mommy!

Again, BIG THANK YOUS to my sister for her wonderful photographs capturing Taylor's special day!


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